Choose an Efficient File Transfer to New Computer Process

Most of the PC users complain about the difficulties they have to deal with when replacing an old computer with a new one and they have to start the file transfer to new computer process. This usually takes a lot of time and effort and everyone wants to make it as simpler as possible. PCmover represents one of the best solutions one can choose to move data to the new hard disk efficiently.

There are many features this program includes that makes it the best option for file transfer to new computer. First of all, it allows users to move the applications installed on the old PC to the new system. As this is one of the major problems one has to deal with when replacing a system with a new one, with this software we no longer have to worry about it.

If you have more profiles configured on the old computer, then you should know that with the help of PC Mover you can fully transfer a profile to the new computer. You will not have to worry about browsing through the multiple settings of each profile to make it the same, as the program offers you the opportunity to enjoy the same profiles on the new device.

Besides the simple file transfer to new computer, the program can also help in the situation of an upgrade from Windows XP to Vista. This software is the perfect tool in this situation as well, offering you a new operating system with the settings you prefer in no time. You will also be able to use the “undo” function of the program, which can be of real help when you moved something that you don’t really need and you need the action reversed.

In conclusion, PCmover makes the best choice for anyone who needs a fast and simple file transfer to new computer, by allowing users to select how and what to move depending on their preferences.

Yes this program can transfer over all user accounts and settings as well as software programs. Check out PCmover Here and see if it’s the right software for you.

If you have very little files and do not want to port over the user setting you are better off just connecting both computer to a network and manually coping over the files that you want.

Another simple way is to use an external storage device to copy data over to the new computer.

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