Handling File Transfer Modes for Eyefi Card

The Transfer Mode Panel can be used when choosing the way your Eyefi card will upload photos and videos. Of course, it may depend on the type of Eyefi card you have, but commonly you may see two or three option tabs there: the Selective Transfer, Relayed Transfer and the Endless Memor ( this is only for X2 cards).

The changes on the Transfer Mode panel of Selective Transfer or the Endless Memory, unplug your Eyefi card from your PC with the Eyefi Helper and Eyefi Center still running, since the transfer mode settings are kept on your Eyefi card (private partition). While the Relayed Transfer does not need you to insert your Eyefi card in your PC.

Under the Selective Transfer, there are three options:

  1. The Automatic. This is the default option commonly for Eyefi card(configured during the registration). On this option, every video and photos on the Eyefi card are automatically uploaded to your assigned destinations.
  2. The Selective Share. On this mode, the videos and photos are uploaded on your PC’s destination. Only the videos and photos chosen that used the Protect key (also referred as the Lock key) on your camera are uploaded automatically to your assigned online sharing site. For more information on this, you can refer to your camera’s manual (find the protect/lock).
  3. The Selective Transfer. In this mode, those videos and photos that are Locked or Protected are transferred automatically to your assigned media destinations. Those unprotected videos and photos are not uploaded automatically and will be kept on your  Eyefi card. To assign the videos and photos to transfer, you need to use the Protect key (Lock key) to be able to protect the files during this action. Refer to the camera manual about the protect/lock instructions.

Remember: When you are using the Selective Share or Selective Transfer, the files in the Private folder are not transferred.The Relayed Transfer. You can activate this by default  when you are uploading videos or photos to an online sharing site. While if you are just uploading videos/photos going to a computer (as destination), the option of the Relayed Transfer can provide the ability to transfer automatically the files even when your PC is off. It can automatically transfer your videos and photos through a configured wireless network on your Eyefi card the Eyefi servers. If your computer is turned on and then the Eyefi Software is still running, it will connect to the Eyefi Servers to be able to download the staged media.

The Endless Memory. You can activate this on your Eyefi Pro X2 card (located in the Endless Memory tab on the Transfer Mode card settings panel). Once you have enabled it, you can select the capacity of memory where your Pro X2 card can start to remove the media which have been safely transferred. Now, the Endless Memory can only remove the videos and photos which have been safely transferred when your Eyefi card has met the percentage settings you set.

Remember: Using the Selective Transfer, only those photos which have been locked or protected and then transferred later by your Eyefi card are the only one will be erased. The photos not yet transferred are left on the card. The files in the Private folder will not be deleted through Endless Memory. The Endless Memory can only delete the videos/photos if the Eyefi card is power-cycled, and might require several power cycles that may vary on the amount of media that needs to be deleted.


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