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How to Transfer Programs from Old Computer to New Computer

11 April 2012 Categories: Articles & Advice

With the advancement of technology, every now and then, there are new versions of electronic gadgets coming up in the market. Computers are no exception. This tempts you to upgrade to the new computer to reap the benefits of advanced technology. But many a times you restrict yourself, because of the problems involved in transferring important files and programs from the old computer to new computer.

Worry no more because there are easy and hassle free solutions to the problem of file transfer from the old computer to new computer. There a lot of ways to do this. It is just a matter of time, as some conventional methods may take more time in transferring the data, while some readily available smart tools do the same job faster and better. It also depends on the type and the size of data that you want to transfer. Read on to know more about the data transfer from one computer to another:

The conventional way used to transfer files from old computer to a new computer is by using the input windows tool that is a Windows easy transfer wizard. This tool can be located on your computer with the help of the below mentioned path:

Start Menu-All Programs-Accessories-System Tool-Windows easy transfer.

This wizard will guide you through the complete set up and after the setup is done, it creates an image of all the files, folders, programs and settings of your old computer. Similar steps will be used for installing it on your new computer with a single change; that is, you need to choose the option of ‘new computer’ when the wizard asks. This will help you to easily transfer all your required data from the old computer to your new computer without any loss of any files or settings.

There is also a number of software available in the market. The one I use to transfer my files is PC Mover. This can be used to transfer files from one PC to another. PC Mover is software that moves the files, folders, programs and even the settings from your old computer to the new computer. This software has easy to use setup wizard that guides you through the complete set up. PC Mover actually creates an image file of the files, programs and settings of your old computer on an external hard drive, CD/DVD or USB flash drive and then restores all the data on the new computer through those external devices.

PC Mover also comes with a USB data backup cable for free that can be used for the data transfer from the old computer to the new computer that will otherwise cost you some extra money if you buy it separately on the market.