How to Use Windows XP Transfer Wizard for Windows 7 Upgrades

As wonderful as Windows XP and Vista have been for us over the years, a new day is upon us. And with that new day comes Windows 7, arguably the best incarnation yet of the trusty old OS. Of course, with every new version of Windows, we must transfer our old data from the previous operating system onto the upgraded system. Luckily, it’s become a lot easier with newer versions of Windows to transfer and upgrade, especially with XP and Vista. We’ll be looking today at how to upgrade from XP to Windows 7.

Installing The Wizard

First, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got a PC running your XP software and then another one that is running the new Windows 7. If you haven’t installed Windows 7 yet, make sure to do that before you continue. Next you’ll need to download the Windows Easy Transfer program from Microsoft. Do this on the computer running XP. You won’t need to download the Wizard on the computer with Windows 7 because Windows 7 already comes with it installed. Once you’ve downloaded the Wizard, install it on XP and you’re ready to go.

Using the Wizard

With the Windows XP Transfer Wizard Windows 7 can access all of your important data and saved settings that you used with XP. To do this, simply open and run the Transfer Wizard on the PC using XP and then do the same with Windows 7. You’ll see a set of instructions pop up and after you follow them your data will be safely and securely transferred. Make sure that you have either a network connection or an easy transfer cable, which can be found at any computer shop and connects to a USB port. An external hard disk can also be used if you wish, or any other form of removable media.

Checking for Errors

Previous versions of Windows had some difficult issues with transferring, often resulting in lost files or corrupted data. The last few operating systems have cleared up these problems greatly but there may still be certain problems when you’re done transferring. At this point you’ll want to check all your files and data and make sure that everything proceeded smoothly. If certain software is missing or corrupted, try installing the individual programs or use the Wizard again. Windows 7 usually works best with Vista because the two are very compatible but XP also typically transfers to 7 with minimal problems. If you notice that something didn’t carry over properly, there’s no harm in trying again. Hopefully, though, everything will have worked out perfectly the first time around.

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