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New versions of Windows come out every few years, and they contain so many new and exciting features that you just can’t help yourself, you really need to upgrade to the shiny new OS. The newest version of Windows to hit the shelves is Windows 7, which was released in 2009. Of course, many users will want to upgrade their computers to this new operating system by Microsoft. However, there is one small problem: how do you transfer your files and settings to the new operating system without losing any data? This is a problem that stumps users, and most either cancel the upgrade, or choose to lose their data. You need not have to make either of these choices if you have a good understanding of how to migrate your files and settings to Windows 7, which is the aim of this article.

One way to move all your files and settings from your old installation of Windows to Windows 7 is to use file migration software that will do it for you. These software applications are available for reasonable prices and will transfer all of your files, settings and user preferences such as desktop background, colors etc to Windows 7 without any hassle or trouble. The best program to do all this for you is PC Mover. This is the leading data migration tool out there. If you are looking for an easy and simple way then you should check out PCmover Here.

The other way to transfer your files to Windows 7 is to use a feature integrated into Windows XP, Vista and 7 known as Windows Easy Transfer. To access this feature, go to Start Menu->Accessories->System Tools-> Windows Easy Transfer. This will open a wizard for transfer. The wizard will ask which type of medium you want to use for the transfer, an Easy Transfer cable, a network connection or a USB flash drive or external hard disk. Choose the medium you want and choose a location to save the export data to. This will create a file titled Windows Easy Transfer – Files from your old computer by default at the location you specified. When you double-click on this file from within your new installation of Windows 7, it will start the process of importing files to your new installation of Windows 7.

This method works for those who do not need to transfer over any programs. While the name may have EASY in it, most users find it will produce a few headaches and challenges. However it’s a free method and like most things that are free, you get what you pay for. If you are not all too computer savvy then using PCmover is a better option for you.

By using the methods mentioned above it is possible to migrate all of your files and settings to your new installation of Windows 7.

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