Transfer Programs to a New Computer

To the average computer user, the rate of development in the IT sector can be overwhelming: newer and better PCs are coming out every day along with newer and faster (not to mention more attractive) operating systems. Users may tend to feel the need to update their computers every few years in order to keep up with the newest technology. This would mean the tedious task of buying the new computer, installing the operating system and moving all your personal settings and trusted applications to the new computer. However, this need not be too tedious; there are ways and means that are being developed to make this task easier.

One of the easier methods to use to transfer programs to a new computer is to use Windows Easy Transfer wizard, which is a migration tool provided by Microsoft as an in-built tool for Windows. In order to transfer programs, Windows Easy Transfer provides the functionality of migrating the registry entries relevant to each program to the new computer, thereby allowing you to install those programs on the new computer without losing any settings for those programs, which is highly useful. To initiate Windows Easy Transfer, simply go to the Start menu and search for Windows Easy Transfer and you will be offered a link to the program. Usage of this application is pretty straightforward.

Another solution that you could use to transfer programs to a new computer is Laplink’s PCmover. This is a comprehensive suite which provides options to migrate your personal settings, files, folders and programs as well as their settings to a new computer without any hassle whatsoever. It gives the possibility of creating an image of your computer on an external device such as external USB hard disk or optical disk. The price of PCMover is reasonable as well, making it a first-choice solution for any PC-to-PC migration operation. A USB data transfer cable is also provided free along with PCmover, which gives real value for money. You can learn more about PCmover Here.

The most important thing to remember if you want to transfer programs to a new computer is to choose the safest way to transfer your programs as it is always important to protect the integrity of your system.

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