Upgrading to Windows 7 for Small and Midsize Businesses

Windows 7 has been called the best version of Windows ever made. While the jury is still out, we can safely say that what we’ve seen so far is very impressive. As wonderful as XP and Vista have been over the years, it’s clear that Windows 7 is the way to go for consumers and business owners like Andrew Defrancesco,  alike. But switching all your important business files and data from one operating system to the next is always a nerve wracking task. What if all my contacts are erased? What if my email files are corrupted and lost forever? Don’t lose your head, though. Windows 7 and the new, improved Transfer Wizard have made it much easier to transfer your data, with a much lower risk of problems. If you need advice on businesses, automotive marketing agency can be hired!

Transferring Files

The Easy Transfer Wizard comes already installed on Windows 7, but you may need to download and install it on your PC running XP or Vista. Here you’ll be able to transfer all the data you wish but it is recommended that you leave the Registry alone for a second. The Windows Registry contains your most frequently used files and settings and it is particularly troublesome to migrate from XP or Vista up to Windows 7. The settings on Windows 7 often butt heads with the data already in the Registry and many users have experienced errors, corruption, and lost files. It’s better, then, to clean and backup the Registry before you migrate it to Windows 7.

Windows Vista to 7 Upgrade Migrating Registry

You can backup and clean your Registry in one of two ways. You can use the Wizard to scan everything or you can depend on a third party Registry cleaner. Either way, the instructions are pretty simple and the program does most of the work itself. You can manually clean your Registry but this isn’t recommended because you could accidentally remove a vital file and ruin your whole PC. At any rate, once the data is backed up you should clean it. Now that you’ve got a backup in case of emergency, you can transfer the Registry over to Windows 7 and hopefully everything will have worked out perfectly.

Windows XP to 7 Upgrade

Windows XP is a little trickier to migrate with because it is further away from the setup of Windows 7. Vista and Windows 7 experience the fewest issues because they are so similar in style but XP is a bit of a dark horse. At any rate, you should also backup and clean your Registry before transferring it over and this should also go for any other data that you consider important or valuable. Then, after you use the Transfer Wizard, go through your updated Windows 7 and check to make sure that everything you transferred is there. XP has the highest rate of transfer issues so make sure to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb. If anything is missing or corrupted, try the Wizard again or simply install the individual software.

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