Choosing What to Transfer To a New Computer

Learn how to plan your data migration from your old computer to your new one and what you should consider transferring over.

What to Transfer to Your New Computer

Here is a great check list for you on what you should consider transferring over to your new computer

1. User Documents.  This is normally all the document in the My Documents folder.  This is the default folder were windows normally saves word documents, pictures, videos, music, excel items.

2. Items on your desktop.  Many people have folders and files right on the users desktop for easy access.  This is one place on your computer you should think about looking to see if there is anything there.

3.  Your E-mail files.  This only pertains to people who use Outlook or programs like Outlook express, Windows Mail.  If you access your e-mail online through your web browser then your e-mail is not stored on your computer.

4.  Bookmarks/favorites.  Don’t forget to bring along all your favorite websites.  It’s easy to transfer these settings with the import/export options

5. You Desktop background.  Personally I always start with a fresh background but many of my clients seem to love to have this so it’s worth mentioning

6.  Don’t TRANSFER over programs manually unless you understand what you are doing.  It’s better to use a program like PC Mover if you need to transfer over programs

7.  User accounts:  If you transfer over a user account you are also generally transferring over other personal settings like the users desktop, cookies, favorites/bookmarks, web history, users personal files and folders.  The password will even be the same for you.  The easiest option for all this is once again PCMover.

The above should cover all you need for 95% of all cases.  It’s rare for people to store personal information on the C:\ directly or in another folder like Program Files.  However I do recommend you spend a few minutes digging around just to see if you can’t find something oddly placed.

In most cases we do not recommend you transfer all your programs over using PCMover. You want to aim for as much of a fresh start as possible.  Leave behind any programs you do not often use unless you really need them.

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We have created videos for helping you out as well.

PCmover Install Video

PCmover Setup Video

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