Choose the Right Method of Transferring Data from PC to PC

Have you recently got a new PC and facing a lot of problems with transferring data from PC to PC? If yes then read on to know the step by step process of transferring files from one PC to another PC.

How To Transfer Data From Pc To Pc

There are two methods that can help you in transferring data from PC to PC, let us now see the solutions at hand:

1.    Using Windows file transfer wizard.
2.    Installing the PC mover on the PC.

The Right Method Of Transferring Data Using Windows Easy Transfer Wizard:

It is an easy step by step process to transfer data from PC to PC, however both the PCs should have a Windows operating system. Through this you can transfer different types of data like user accounts, files and email to your new PC, but this works only with Windows OS and both of the PCs have to run the same OS.

All you have to do is go to start–>All Programs–>Accessories–>System Tools–>File and Settings transfer wizard. The setup will walk you through the series of easy steps on the old PC from where you want to transfer the data.

After this, click on the next button and you will reach the next step, and then choose one of the three options from the following: an easy transfer cable, a network, an external hard disk, or USB flash drive. Select the one you want to use to transfer the data.
On selecting one of the above options, you will move to the next step. Then select the option this is my old computer and choose transfer both files and settings from the location.

Then start the new PC where you want the data and run the same Easy Transfer wizard as you did for the old PC. But in the later step, choose ‘I don’t need the wizard disk. I have already collected my files and settings from my old computer’.
In the final step, choose the location where the files are saved on the old computer and use the transfer cable for transferring them to the new PC.

At the end just make sure all your files have been transferred from the old PC.

Transferring Data from PC to PC using PC Mover Software:

PC Mover is a comparatively fast and efficient way to transfer your files, user account settings and your important data, like programs, user accounts, internet favorite, emails, videos, music, picture, document, etc.  from one PC to another. All you have to do is purchase the PC mover software and install it on both the PCs. The setup wizard will walk you through a series of steps where you will have to select the all the data that you want to transfer.

PC mover creates the image of data of the old PC and configures it to the new one without any hassles and in a much shorter time than the traditional data transfer method of using the transfer cable or using the USB drives. Check out the PC Mover review here.

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