PCmover Setup

PCmover Setup

In this video we cover how to select the files and programs you want to transfer

It’s a good idea to check out our What not to transfer guide and our What to Transfer Guide

Video will cover the different transfer options available to the user and recover what they should and should not transfer over as well as how to navigate through the PCmover program

What to do Now

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  1. What software should I use to migrate files and programs from a Windows 7 Enterprize 32 bit to a new Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computer?

    Irvin Isaak

    1. both. You will want to follow the instructions. We have a video guide on the site that covers this for you.

    1. A screen for both computers is always ideal. As screens are hot swappable, you can have just one screen and unplug it to move between the two computers. Not ideal. You will need the screen to follow any on screen prompts when setting up the transfer.

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