Post Migration Clean-up

Post Migration Cleanup

This guide is intended to help you get fully up and operational after a PCmover migration.  At this time you should have all your files and selected programs over on the new computer.  Follow the below steps to ensure you are good to go.

1.  Browse your computer to ensure you have all the files you require.  If you followed the PCmover setup as shown in the video you should have everything.

2.  Open up each program you transferred over to ensure it is operational.  Not every program may work.  Some may be un-compatible with the new operating system.  In my testings most programs seem to transfer over just fine.

3.  Ensure you have all the setting’s in the programs that you transferred over.  An example of this would be your bookmarks/favorites or your Outlook contacts.  If you do not have them you can easily export those settings from the old computer and import them onto the new computer.

4.  As stated in the What not to transfer guide you should install all the free programs on your computer fresh.  Browsers like Firefox, printer software, instant messengers, Skye, Kodak Easyshare,toolbars and like can easily be downloaded fresh from the manufacturers website with ease.  You also don’t want to transfer over program’s that you never use because you don’t want to bog down your new computer.

What to Do Next

There is nothing left to do but make a purchase of PCmover Here.  It really helps to get that High Speed Data Transfer Cable so go with the Pro version and have it shipped out.

After you do the transfer please come back here and provide us with some feedback about how your transfer went.  With your help we can make the how to video’s even better and have a Q & Section added on for any issues you may of faced.

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