What Not to Transfer to a New Computer

Learn what program and files you should not move  to another computer.  This simple advice can save you hours of headaches.

What Not to Transfer to Your New Computer

Whenever transferring data from an older computer to a new one you only want to take the items you will need.  Free programs should always be re-installed fresh.  This means if you use Firefox or a special Tool bar, you should consider installing those items on the new computer fresh.  You can always use the import/export options to transfer over any user data once the program has been installed fresh.

Anti-virus software should never be transferred.  That is another program you will want to install fresh.  The good news here is if you have already purchased a security client you should be able to download it again from the manufacturers website for free and use the same registration information.

Printer software as well as all other peripheral software should be installed fresh on the new computer.  Getting the correct drivers and software programs is simple,  you just go to the makers website and under the support section you can download the needed software 100% for free.

If you decide you use a program like PCMover that can move over programs and user settings you should always still install whatever software you have on hand fresh on the new computer first.  This really helps to cut down on any potential issues.

Leave User Accounts Behind if They Are Not Active

If you have a user account that has little to no files in the account you should just leave it behind.  Way start bogging your new computer down with items that will never get used.  The same goes for programs that you no longer use.

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