Copy File From Old Computer To New Computer

Newer and better models of computers and computer hardware components are coming out all the time and it is extremely tempting for users to ditch their old computer and to get a new one. However, one of the facts that deter most users from attempting this is the hassle of moving all the user’s files and settings to the new computer. This is an annoying and tedious task as it is needed to transfer files and folders, user preferences and applications to the new computer. If done manually, this process could take days, which would be painful for any computer user.

One of the easier solutions that could be used when copying files from an old computer to a new computer is to make use of a specifically designed computer migration software application which does all the hard work for you. One such reputed software is PCmover which is developed by Laplink. PCmover can be used with any type of computer which uses a Microsoft Windows-based computer system and you can move between operating systems as well. PCmover creates specific backup-type image files which can be moved physically via CD/DVD or USB flash drive, enabling fast and efficient file transfer. When moving to a new computer, migrating applications and user preferences is always hard.

However, with PCMover, it is a one-click process as the software will transfer all the applications along with their registry entries to the new computer for you without any problems. No matter how big the size of your hard disk may be, PCmover will move your files and folders without giving any complications. PCmover will also move important data such as Outlook email accounts, emails and user settings. This makes PCmover the best solution to go for when moving files from an old computer to a new one. Learn more about  PCmover Here

If you’re considering using PCmover you should check out the below links for helpful advice.  I have used the program many times and even have a video walk through

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