Copy Old Files To New Computer Without Damaging The Files

Having a new computer or laptop seems like the greatest thing in the world- till you realize that you need to transfer the important files and programs to the new computer. The task of copying old files to a new computer might seem very daunting and full of hassles, especially when the  file sizes are considered. There are several ways on how to copy old files to new computer. New computers with up to date operating systems are already installed with a program that helps you move many of your files without any restriction on the size of the file and without worrying about any damage to the files while transferring it to the new computer. Uploading files via the old computer and downloading it using the new computer may take a lot of time, effort and you also might risk damaging the files during the download process.

A built in tool that comes with MS Windows operating system called Windows Easy Transfer can assist you to move the bulk of your programs, files, folders, settings and user accounts, all in one single process. Using this program to transfer old files to a new computer is stress free, as you do not have to go back and forth from your old computer to your new computer. This program gives you three options to transfer your files, you can use an easy transfer cable, a local area network or through a removable media, such as CDs/DVDs, a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

While using an Easy transfer cable, check first if it is compatible with both the systems of your old computer and new computer. Just install the easy transfer software to your old computer. Once you’ve installed the software to your old computer, the next thing you have to do is launch the easy transfer program on both the computers. Then on your new computer, follow the transfer wizard, which will then assist you in choosing which files, folders, programs, settings, etc., you want to transfer.

You can use a local area network if an easy transfer cable isn’t handy. It’s one of the fastest ways of transferring and sharing files from one computer to another. While using the easy transfer program with a network, you also have to install the program on your old computer. After that, launch the easy transfer program on your new computer; choose transfer files using the network option. Follow the instructions that it will prompt and it will then generate a key that you have to enter; this key will help both the computers to establish their network correctly. Once both computers have an established connection, you can then choose which files you want to transfer.

When you opt to use removable media, choose which kind of media you will be using. Take note of the file size you would like to transfer from the old computer to the new one. The good thing of using removable media is that after the transfer is done, especially if you have chosen to transfer using an external hard drive; it can also serve as a backup for your files. If at any time you are feeling that this process is failing you, you can always use a utility tool to help you. PCmover is a great tool to help you transfer your files. To check out the PCmover review, click here

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