File Transfer – Best PC to PC software

It has always been difficult to transfer data from one PC to another PC. If you are upgrading to the new PC or buying a new one then there is a lot of data that needs to be transferred from your old PC to your new PC. This is can be a daunting task, as you have to decide on which programs, files and folders need to be transferred and you might end up wasting a lot of time transferring the data manually.

There is a lot of software available in the market directory that can be used to transfer data from PC to PC. However, some of the software takes a lot of time in transferring data from one PC to another and are not very easy to use and require prior knowledge.

The main thing that matters while transferring the data from PC to PC is the size of the files that have to be transferred and the time it will take to transfer the files. For example, an email can be considered as software through which you can transfer files from one PC to another. But there is a size limit above which you cannot transfer the files.

Another method could be using the LAN network, through which you can transfer files through shared folder that again will be time consuming.

There is other software that is available in the market for PC to PC file transfer. One of the best software programs for this is PC Mover, and it is capable of moving programs, files and settings from one PC to another.

PC Mover is considered to be the best PC to PC software, with an easy to use sequential file transfer wizard that will guide you through the complete process to transfer files from PC to PC and with a test automation service you are good to go. Also, PC mover will help you get a backup of files before the transferring, so that you can restore all the files in case something goes wrong.

The best feature of the PC Mover software is the ‘Undo’ feature that can be used if by mistake you have transferred some wrong files, or due to some other problems, you choose to undo the transfer process. PC Mover also comes with a free high speed transfer cable that otherwise will cost you extra money if you buy it from the market.

PC Mover transfers data from one PC to another PC in the minimum time as compared to other data transfer software and methods. Through PC mover, you can select the files and programs that need to be transferred so that you can leave behind what is no longer required by you.

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