How to Transfer Files from XP to Windows 7

In order to transfer files from XP to Windows 7, it is very likely that as a normal PC user you would have to use one of the different software available on the market and capable to accomplish this task. With Windows 7 now on the market plenty of people are getting new computers and now need to transfer over their personal settings and files onto the new Windows 7 based computer. However, even if a lot of PC users have started to upgrade their operating systems to the newest version release by Microsoft, most of them would also like to not loose their files in the process, due to reasons such as time and efficiency.

One of the most appreciated computer software products available on the market, Laplink PCmover, it’s a utility that can migrate personal files, custom data and 3rd party software configurations from one machine to another, with limited effort at end user level. Laplink PCmover is the only program on the market that can transfer over programs from XP over to Windows 7 with out you having to re-install them. Even the Windows Transfer wizard cannot do this. You can learn more about PCmover Here

Due to the fact that only a limited number of the total upgrade scenarios documented by Microsoft are supported by Windows 7 and for the reason that Windows XP upgrade to Windows 7 is not supported, the usage of a utility such as Laplink PCmover may prove to be vital in the entire operating system upgrade process. It will not only provide help in making the best pre-upgrade choices but also ensure the fact that you will not loose any files, data or configurations, saving time and money at end user level.

Transfer files from XP to Windows 7 without the need to copy on external media and without the need to reinstall all applications when upgrading to Windows 7. Laplink PCmover ensures the fact that the entire process of transferring files from XP to Windows 7 is cut down to three easy steps: install, upgrade, restore.

Another option worth mentioning is going to be the Easy Transfer Wizard that was built into XP and Windows 7. This program can transfer over custom settings, user account and the like. However it cannot transfer over programs. This is a popular option for many people out there but do expect to have some issues when doing the transfer.

If you’re considering using PCmover you should check out the below links for helpful advice.  I have used the program many times and even have a video walk through

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