Laplink’s PCmover Advances the Ability to Transfer Files and Programs

When a person acquires a new computer, they are challenged with the fact that they must transfer the files from their old computer to their new one. There are a variety of ways to do this, each with their own benefits and capabilities. The average user does not know how to transfer files from one computer to another. That is why a variety of software applications have been developed to assist in migrating information from one PC to another.

One of these utilities is from Laplink. The company has developed an application that allows users to move all the files from the old computer to the new one. PCmover is the only utility on the market today that allows for not just the movement of files, but also the transfer of programs and settings that were in position on the old PC and can be transferred and set on the new PC. A user needs to simply install the program on both computers and PCmover will handle the rest. It will determine which programs, files and settings are distinguished on the computer and copy them. It then installs them on the new PC in a timely manner. This means that the new computer will have the exact same personality and functionality of the old PC. The system works with almost all of the Windows operating systems, from Windows 95 to Vista.

Other methods of transferring files have not been able to move entire installations up until this point. Generally, a user needs to copy the files from programs that are related to personal information, save them and install them on the new PC after the program files have been loaded. In the past, this was done by burning a CD or DVD containing the information and installing the application features onto the new PC. Windows offers an option to transfer all of the old PC’s files and settings, however, this solution can miss certain small profiles that a user has come to enjoy. Modern options for transfer can be accomplished using an external hard drive or flash drive. The challenge with these are space considerations and placement of the files after transfer. A user can set up folders for backup, but is forced to spend a lot of time reinstalling these folders and files into the correct locations on the new PC.

Laplink’s PCmover allows for superior operational usage and functionality. It’s also a trusted resource for many professional information technicians. Its selectivity features allow even the most casual user to choose which applications, folders and files they would like to transfer. This transfer can be completed through a variety of means. If an individual or company has a network, the transfer of the information is as easy as utilizing the network’s properties to transfer the information. Otherwise, a variety of options for connecting the two PCs is possible. Laplink offers USB cables and parallel cables that link up two or more platforms for easy access. PCmover can also use the Windows Easy Transfer Cable. The application even allows for the easy migration of information from a PC to and Intel-based Mac. This modern feature is one of the only ways to transfer the personality and feel of a PC onto a different operating system. In all, PCmover can accomplish what many other programs and options cannot, migrating programs, applications and files with the proper system of security and efficiency in place.

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