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Most people when it comes to transferring data from one computer to the next just want the simplest option out there. They are willing to pay a few bucks for a good solid data transfer program but they want one that is sure to work well for them. We are huge fans of PCmover for just this reason. It is very simple to use and gets the job done the first time.

However I am seeing more and more people wanting an online data backup solution. Maybe your computers are in two different locations or you only have one monitor and don’t want to copy all the data onto an external drive for a transfer later.

I do have a great solution for anyone looking to do an online data transfer and it might not cost you a single cent.

Take a few minutes to read this article before you jump in. You will be glad you did because this option may not be right for you. This option will not allow you to transfer any software programs over unless you are a very savvy user and understand what software programs can just be copied and pasted over to the new computer.

the program we are going to be using is Mozy. Check them out here to get your free 2 Gig online storage account. If you have over 2 gig’s of data you will need to pay for the storage but this is a free option for anyone out there that has under 2 gig’s of data or for someone willing to pay the 5 bucks or so each month for an online backup solution.

All you have to do is go here to the Mozy website. Sign up for an account and install the software. It is very easy to do. From there setup the program and select all the files you want to transfer over to the new computer. It is very easy to use so you should have no issues. Start the data backup when done and ensure everything is backed up.

Now log in to Mozy on the computer you want the software restored on. Download and install the software again. You will be asked to log in. Once logged in you will see the screen below.

Choose the option to replace your old computer. From there you will finish installing the software and at the end be asked if you want to go ahead and do a restore now of your old files. Select the yes option or you can do it later.

While this process is not as easy in my opinion as PCmover it is the best online data transfer option I can think of to transfer all your info form one computer to another.  Of course you can always hire a pro to do it for you but expect to pay far more to do it.  We do recommend for data transfers.  They are very fare in price and stand by their work.  This is a remote computer repair company but they also do data transfers as well.

This solution is not for everyone and when ever possible I still would use PCmover in stead.  However for people with very few files or for those who have a computer in a whole another location and don’t want to purchase an external hard drive just for the data transfer purpose then this is a great way to go.

You also get the added benefit of having a online backup solution in place.  You already paid for the service so you might as well use it.  If you end up going with PCmover then you still should consider mozy as your data backup solution.  Everyone needs an off site data backup.

Keep in mind again that Mozy will not transfer over software programs.  If you want to transfer over your custom user settings then I would not use Mozy.  go with PCmover because not only will it easily transfer all your files over but your user info as well.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you do a data transfer it is always best to install all the software you are going to be using first on the new computer.  This way all custom settings you import over will go right into the program you will be using.  Outlook and Firefox are great examples of this.

If you’re considering using PCmover you should check out the below links for helpful advice.  I have used the program many times and even have a video walk through

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