XP to Windows 7 File Transfer

Since the official market release of Microsoft Windows 7, a large amount of users have actually decided to try this new operating system. However, as any new platform, Windows 7 has its complications as well, even if they seem to be less problematic then other comparable Windows releases. One of the main problems when deciding to migrate to Windows 7, especially if you have just purchased a new computer alongside this operating system, is the file transfer between your old setup and Windows 7.

In most cases users want to transfer programs and custom settings and files over to the Windows 7 operating system or new computer. To do this you have two options. However only one of them will be able to transfer over programs.

In order to ensure proper XP to Windows 7 file transfer, one of the most common utilities that has proven a lot of success and respect from software review magazines is Laplink PCmover. This software is designed to scan, detect and help users in the migration process of files, data and settings from any actual PC to a new PC. Overall this software program is very easy to use. You install the program on both machines and then follow the on screens prompts. You can use the data transfer cable method, do it over a network or even a delayed transfer to an external device. This is the only program on the market that can transfer over programs so you don’t really have a chose if that is what you need to do.

A free method that is well worth mentioning is the Easy Transfer Wizard that is installed on both XP and Vista and Windows 7 computers. The Wizard has a nice interface that allows you to transfer over all your user and custom settings as well as personal files. The down side to this program is it will not be able to transfer over programs and does not always seem to work right. It is not uncommon to have to two the transfer a few times to get everything you want. The transfer can take a day or two as well for some reason when done over the network you need to make sure none of the computer go to sleep or offline. Before you do the transfer you will need to pre-install any software programs onto the Windows 7 computer. This is only needed if you want to transfer over custom settings from programs that you plan on using. Outlook and Quickbooks would be good examples of this.

For my time and money I would recommend just using the Laplink PCmover program. It’s easier and tends to do a great job transferring over data from XP to Windows 7.

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  1. Hi,
    I used windows easy transfer to copy all my files to a stand alone hard disk B4 migrating from XP to Windows 7.
    I need to transfer just my outlook 2003 emails onto outlook 2003 now running under windows 7.
    Can you help please?
    Thank you
    Bill Briant

  2. Thanks for that, however the files are backed up on the external drive using the windows easy file transfer program and I don’t seem to have the option to restore the selected files.
    In fact the .pst file was on drive C and it wants to restore all the data (including my drive D backup)there and says that there is not enough spare space and also that windows is on that drive.
    Help please
    Thanks Bill

  3. Hi
    Does the laplink PCMover come with the necessary USB cable or do I need to purchase that seperately? I thought I saw that I could use an easy transfer cable as well?

  4. If i want to upgrade my laptop from xp to windows 7 ,,,,how would i use microsoft easy transfer????????

    1. the article is in the Articles & Advice section. We talk about a few ways of Migration using the Microsoft Transfer programs

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