Data Transfer Methods

Learn more about what methods you can use to transfer files and programs from your old computer to the new one.

Data Transfer Methods

In this guide we are not focusing on how to do a data transfer from and old computer to a new computer.  Rather it’s a guide that will help educate you and what Transfer methods are available and some of the benefits to each one.

Method 1 Wireless Transfer

If you have wireless access on both computer then you should consider networking the two computers together to transfer over your data.  The actual transfer can be done by using a number of programs like PCmover or Windows Transfer.  This setup can be a little frustrating for some users who have zero understanding of how computer networks work.  Still a great option for those who do know how to setup network

Method 2 Ethernet Transfer over Your Network

This is the same as the above but only you are using ethernet cables ( RJ45 cable / That cable that looks like a phone cord only fatter ).  You would connect both computers to a router and have to setup the network just like in method 1.  This transfer method is generally faster then the wireless method but again if you know little about setting up a home network it can be frustrating

Method 3 Delayed Transfer to External Media

In this method you would be copying all the data you want to an external device like a CD/DVD, harddrive, USB Drive, any external device that can store data.

You can simply copy and paste the data onto your external media device or use a program like PCmover  to automatically copy all your data over to the external device.  Once the data is on the external media you can take that over to the new computer and move it all onto that computer.  This method is great for those who only have a few files and not looking to move over that much data. It also works well if you know exactly what files you want to move over to your new computer.

Method 4 Adhoc Setup

In this method you would be using a USB to USB data transfer cable or a standard data transfer cable that connects two computer together.  Often times this can be the simplest way to go for most people.  No external media to worry about, no advanced setup required.  In most cases you will generally purchase a Data transfer cable/USB to USB transfer cable when you purchase data transfer software like PCmover.  There are places were you can just get the cable and move the items yourself.

The above cover the different data transfer methods you can use to move data from one computer to another.

If you’re considering using PCmover you should check out the below links for helpful advice.  I have used the program many times and even have a video walk through

PCmover Review

PCmover Install

PCmover Setup

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  1. Hi. I have a Sharp Wizard that is loaded with client contact information. I would like to transfer the data to a a Palm Centro. Can that be done? How would I do it? Thanks.

    1. No idea on this one. If the data can be exported out of the sharp wizard into a format the the Plam can import then that might work. If your using Outlook or a mail / contact program that works on both devices you should be able to go that route. I have no idea what programs Sharp Wizard supports.

      Worst case you are going to have to manually enter them all in. If you have to go that route I would manually enter them into a program that Palm Centro supports and then import/sync that with the Palm Centro.

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