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We always keep our ears close to the ground and have a few contacts over at Laplink, the makers of PCmover.  Here are the current live coupons you can use to get the best deal possible on PCmover,

When checking out use coupon code “howtotransfer15offpcmover” with out the quotes to get a full 15% off.  Laplink the makers of PCmover gave us this exclusive coupon after I pestered them for one.  If I’m going to recommend them as the best transfer program I wanted to ensure our readers got the absolute best deal when purchasing it.

Purchase PCmover here

Read the full PCmover review here

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    1. Data transfer software just makes life much easier. You can always copy over data manually to an external hard drive or over a network. going this route you will not be able to transfer over many software programs. You could attempt to use the Windows Transfer software built into the operating system as well. For the time and effort that it takes it’s much easier to use PCmover but that program does cost money.

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