PCmover Install

How to Install PCmover

In this video we cover the Install of PCmover onto your computer.  As you can see from the video it’s very straight forward.

You may need to install Microsoft Visual if you have not already installed them on your computer:

For computers running a 32-bit version of Windows: ( Most Likely just for XP )

For computers running a 64-bit version of Windows: (Windows 7 Users generally need the 64bit files )

The .net Framework is also needed to ensure PCmover installs correctly.

x86 for XP ( 2.0 .Net is for older operating systems)


X64 for Windows 7 ( 4.0 .Net )


PCmover Install on Windows 7

PCmover Install on Windows XP

From the video you can tell that this process is rather simple but installing the Required .Net framework can take a short while.  Once you complete that the rest of the install is very quick.

What to Do Now

Watch the PCmover Setup Video to learn how to setup PCmover to do the actual data migration.

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    1. Simple enough. Setup the new computer. Then depending on your transfer needs you can use a program like PCmover to migrate all your old data onto the new computer. If you just have a few files and nothing else like programs or user accounts/settings that you want to keep you could setup a network and copy over the files manually or through a external media like a portable hard drive.

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